Heating and cooling costs can be expensive. Greensite Long Island provides certified Honeywell and Go Control z-wave thermostat installation.  Upgrade to a modern, programmable touchscreen Wifi thermostat system. Wifi thermostats allow you to control your home’s temperature remotely from a smartphone or tablet. Get the latest in Z-Wave technology from Honeywell, Go Control and other manufacturers. New WiFi connected thermostats can be integrated into the same home network that controls security and appliances remotely.

Go Control Z-Wave Thermostat Installation

Remote Control for HVAC

The remote control allows the user to turn on the heater unit or air conditioner prior to returning home. Our modern touchscreen thermostats can be either hard-wired or connected through your home WiFi to control individual rooms or the entire house, condo or business office. A separate wire may be required to power some thermostat models if your home does not have a common wire system.

The first person to return to the home can set the thermostat remotely to the desired temperature about an hour before returning. The HVAC system can then be used to warm or cool the house so that it is comfortable before returning. The thermostat can also be adjusted at the head unit.

HVAC systems typically use more energy without a modern, programmable thermostat. People entering a cold home will often immediately turn the heating temperature up until the house is too hot and the temperature has to be then lowered. This ‘startup tax’ can be minimized through proper remote control and thermostat programming. The Wifi remote thermostat offers the same “peace of mind” as the remotely controlled security system.

Z-Wave WiFi Connected Products

Greensite Long Island proudly installs the Honeywell Ademco TS300 dual temperature sensor that will remotely give you temperature readings from more than one location. This system that includes an alarm can be used to monitor temperatures in a business that needs cold storage or a specific warm area. It can be used in your residence to read the temperature from up to eight different locations.

The Honeywell 5821 sensor also has an alarm for flooding. This sensor unit can be installed in a basement or other area prone to flooding. An alarm alerts the user to flood conditions in the home or a commercial building. The alarm will sound if a kitchen or bathroom is flooded due to a broken water pipe if the sensor detects moisture.

The GC-TBZ48 from Go Control is an easy thermostat that is wired directly into your HVAC system or can be powered by 4″AA” batteries. You can take this control with you throughout the house, mount it on a wall, or place it on a table. It connects to all Z-Wave hubs for easy integration into most networks.

The 2018-2019 home automation market is awash with many WiFi connected thermostats, security systems, and other products on the market. It is essential to find a knowledgeable professional to navigate this crowded product space. The common goal is to make life easier for busy families and businesses and provide energy savings.

Z-Wave Thermostat Installation

Connecting a Z-Wave thermostat and other controls is typically not a do-it-yourself job. Professional installers should inspect the wiring in the home or commercial building to determine if the system is compatible. It may be necessary to change or update the current wiring or componentry.

Greensite Long Island is a certified Honeywell thermostat installer. We supply custom solutions for homes on Long Island, in New York and New Jersey. Contact Greensite for more information and a free estimate to update your home with the latest security and appliance control network.