Z-Wave door locks will protect your home or commercial building from illegal entries. A variety of beautiful locks are available to secure your home and family from intrusions. The digital locks are easy to use and rekey as necessary. Greensite installs the Z-Wave door locks manufactured by different companies and connects them to your home or business security system.

Z-Wave Door Lock

Most burglars try doors as the easiest way to enter a home or commercial building. Strong motorized locks on all doors and even windows will prevent this type of entry.

Z-Wave Door Lock Hub Connections

The new Z-Wave smart locks connect to your home’s hub that includes the surveillance system and other electronics that can be controlled remotely. You can make sure your door is locked from anywhere through the smartphone connection with the TC2 app. The app will show when your door is locked.

You can unlock the door before you enter or unlock it when you know your children will arrive ahead of you. The Z-Wave technology connection also allows you to watch your front door remotely through your security cameras. You can open the door when your children or other authorized people come to your door and then lock it again after they have entered. You will also know if the door is locked after someone leaves the building.

This gives you peace-of-mind knowing that the door is locked when children are home alone, or the house is empty. The kids do not have to carry keys, and neither do you!

Common Outdoor Locks

Your exterior doors probably have conventional pin and tumbler locks that open with a key. This involves a series of springs that respond to the right key allowing a cylinder to release the lock.

Professional burglars often know how to “pick” these locks using tools or a special bump key to move the springs. The bump key is inserted and then struck by an object just strong enough to release the springs and open the door. This eliminates a “forced entry,” and the intruders are inside within seconds.

Tabular locks are also common for interior doors. This is the type of lock that can be controlled with a turning device in the lock or a switch below the lock. These locks can be opened with a key, and they are subject to “bumping.”

There are other types of key locks such as the side-mounted lock used in vehicles along with more sophisticated rim locks. All of these locks can be breached by professional burglars.

New Z-Wave Door Lock Technology

Z-Wave locks are available in deadbolt styles that cannot be bumped from Kwikset, Yale, and other companies. They come with a digital touchpad with up to 30 different codes that can be given to different people or changed as needed. Although the keypad can be used to unlock the door, you do not have to remember numerical combinations since the code will be programmed into your smartphone. The locks will accept a key if you still want to use one.

The single lever deadbolt lock is also recommended for backdoors and garage doors to prevent burglaries. You can have codes for doors in different locations programmed into your smartphone.

The codes can be reprogrammed. This is helpful for a rental property and new tenants. You do not have change locks. The new renters can have a new code on their smartphones.

The Z-Wave technology can be used for commercial buildings and individual offices. You will know that your office is locked securely when you are not there.

Greensite, the specialist in Z-Wave technology, installs security systems that can control your lights as well as door locks, surveillance cameras, and even your thermostat. This is the future for home management of electronics. We serve Long Island, New York, and New Jersey with the latest in low-voltage home security systems. Contact Greensite for more information.