What better way to start the new year than an upgrade to your home with Z-Wave controlled light switches? Greensite can work with you to determine which style best suits your needs and take care of the installation process so that you reap the benefits without any wiring headaches. After your system is up and running, you will be able to control your lighting from your phone or tablet as well as the traditional touch of the switch. If you are going to choose an upgrade, go with one that will blend excitement and ease of functionality, Z-Wave controlled light switches.

Z-Wave Controlled Light Switches Installed

This upgrade is a simple way to add value, security, and comfort to your home. If you take a trip, you can easily set your lights to turn on at different times, or even do it manually whenever you want within the app. No more hassling with old style timer switches, with the Z-Wave controlled light switches you can control the lights from different rooms individually which adds the element of reality that someone is home. While using the system, if anyone takes a look at your home, they will probably be none the wiser. Burglars and vandals are more likely to shy away from a well lit home. The security of your home is bolstered with this a home automation system in place. Home automation also means you no longer have to share a key with a neighbor or friend and talk them into turning on lights in your home.

As you come home from work, the grocery store, or wherever your busy day has taken you, a nicely lit home can await you with the Z-Wave controlled light switches. If your routine brings you home at the same time every day, you can set whichever lights you choose to turn on and welcome you back. Even without the timed setting, before even walking inside, you can turn on lights so that you will not be fumbling for a light switch in the dark with full hands. A porch light can be scheduled easily to come on or turn off and the times can be adjusted as the time changes occur or the days get longer or shorter.

Within the app, aside from choosing which lights or when, you can decide how much. Sometimes life requires different lighting, being able to dim or brighten your lights can help you whether you are dimming the lights for a movie or need to brighten up the room for a get-together or some studying. Since you can control different lights and their brightness, you could potentially see savings on your electric bill. If kids leave lights on after leaving the room, you can quickly turn them off without having to follow behind them constantly flipping the switches.

The way that these switches work also allows for the use of devices such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home. Hands full? Not a problem. After being set up and discovered in your phone, you will be able to give voice commands to turn lights on or off as well as dim them to a certain percentage. No more fidgeting with old dimmer switches, step into style with the easy to use app or voice commands.

At Greensite, we take our customer’s security and comfort needs seriously and appreciate the opportunity to impact the day to day experience within your home. Please feel free to contact Greensite with any questions or concerns about the Z-Wave controlled light switches, having them installed, or the automation of other elements in your home.