Expanding your Home Security System by adding life safety will keep your family safe. Without these life safety systems, your home is at a greater risk of not detecting dangerous conditions. These life safety products such as smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and others can help to keep anyone and everyone inside your home safe.

Adding Life Safety to your monitored alarm system by Greensite adds another layer of crucial protection for both you and your family! Our system will notify the occupants of your home and or business as well as local authorities to the alarm situation. These Life Safety alarm systems have many features that protect a premise from various emergency situations. When an alarm is received by a Greensite’s 24/7/365 monitoring services, a Greensite operator we will notify the first responders with the EXACT alarm condition and location cutting down on crucial response time. Once our system is in place and being monitored, Greensite will provide you with an insurance certificate where you can save 10%-20% on your insurance bill.

Some life safety products offered by Greensite include wireless smoke and heat detector combo, wireless carbon monoxide detectors, wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detector combo and more. Greensite provides these Honeywell devices in addition to installation and monitoring of them. These multi threat devices are all battery operated and programmed with soothing algorithms that alert accordingly for increased protection.

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