Control your home and or business lighting, heating and cooling, door lock and more ALL from the FREE total connect app 24/7. Set up scenes and timers all through your smart phone to automatically control your home and or business devices. Save on energy bills with our automation devices for thermostats and light switches. Going away on vacation? Have your home and or business lights turn on/off randomly to indicate someone is there!

Greensite offers many different brands and various models of thermostats, lights, door locks and other home security elements that can be controlled from the Total Connect App. The Total Connect App can perform a multitude of functions such as adjusting the temperature in your home, locking and unlocking doors (including garage doors), turning lights on and off, and arming or disarming your security system. This is not only a huge convenience but also a great way to conserve energy and reduce the amount you’re paying in energy bills.

The Total Connect app keeps you up to date with real time push notifications, emails and video alerts on activity. With these real time alerts you will know everything that happens in your home as it happens. All your information will be kept secure and confidential with fingerprint ID, voice recognition and face ID login. This app can be connected with various smart home brands like Alexa for added convenience. The Total Connect App grants you complete control of your security system and devices.

Interested? Download the total connect 2.0 app for FREE and try the test drive option today and schedule your Greensite Home Security consultation today by calling 866-573-2873.