You can prevent serious property damage and save lives by scheduling regular maintenance cleaning of your vents. The following are some reasons to consider greensite’s Long Island dryer vent cleaning.

  1. Preventing fires is one of the most important reasons to keep your vents clean. A large number of structure fires are caused by this every year. With such a simple preventative measure there is no reason that these fires should happen at all.
  2. Another danger, specifically with gas dryers, is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. The restricted airflow from clogged ducts can force this odorless gas into your home instead of letting it escape to the outdoors.
  3. Drying will be more thorough and quicker, you will spend less on utilities, and your clothes will last longer. A dryer’s job is to take moisture out of your clothes and deliver it safely to the outside, with lint clogging up your ducts and vents, this makes it harder for the dryer to effectively do its job.

Getting your ducts and vents cleaned on a regular basis will prevent fires and carbon monoxide problems, help keep your dryer running at maximum efficiency, and can save you time and money. Call in the professionals at greensite to get the job done right.

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