It’s no secret that we are an on-the-go society. Nowadays, it’s not always possible to have someone home at all hours of the day. With a majority of households in the United States being dual income, many residences are left alone for hours upon hours, day in and day out. You may be wondering how you can keep your home safe while you’re away.  One of the hottest trends, the video doorbell provides innovative new features for your home security.

Video Doorbell Viewscreen

Video doorbells are doorbells installed on your home that have cameras in them, making it possible to see who is at your door when you aren’t home or can’t immediately come to the door. This technology opens up a world of possibilities for home security while your home is left unattended and for your family so you can see who is at the door before answering.

While there are many types of video doorbells to choose from, finding the perfect fit for your home and your family varies. Different doorbells vary greatly, some offering top-of-the-line features and others lacking in critical aspects that could compromise the safety of your home, essentially rendering the device useless. When shopping around for a video doorbell, be sure to look for critical functions to ensure your home is protected through and through.

Smart System Compatibility

Finding a device that can pair up with your smart home devices make a world of difference in keeping you connected while you’re away. Many video doorbells have remote access through your cell phone, your cable and internet provider, other security camera feeds, and Google Home devices. Having the accessibility to use the video doorbell on other devices can help you feel confident that you’ll be aware and alerted to who is visiting your home at all times.

Push Notifications

Additionally, having a system that alerts you when there is activity can help keep you connected and up-to-date. Many systems can customize your push notifications, such as the doorbell ringing during specific hours, as soon as movement is detected, or when the doorbell rings multiple times in a row. Being able to get notifications and customize them to your liking can help put your mind at ease.

Two-Way Audio

Being able to communicate with somebody at your door when you’re not home is an essential feature to many. Whether it’s a friend, neighbor, or deliveryman, being able to answer questions or relay information is a key part of a video doorbell. Without this feature, you’re still missing your guests.

Night Vision

Visitors don’t only come during daylight hours, so having a video doorbell with the capability to capture faces during nighttime is crucial. Having night vision on your video doorbell not only lets you see who is at your door after hours, but it creates a sense of security knowing that you’ll never truly be in the dark about who is at your door.

Off-Site Video Storage

Having a place to offload your video storage can be especially helpful when you have people frequently visiting your home. Some video doorbell devices save each clip every time your doorbell rings, sometimes minutes at a time. Freeing up space on your device and having them conveniently placed somewhere else ensures you’ll have the space to record new doorbell interactions and gives you peace of mind that your videos are secure should you need to access them at a later time.

Motion Detection

Not all video doorbells are equipped with this feature, but having the ability to begin recording as soon as motion is detected can be a breath of fresh air for some. If you struggle with package thieves, have sneaky teenagers, or if you are worried about home invasions, being alerted when there’s movement at the door can be extremely convenient.

There’s no denying that video doorbells are making headway in the safety of homes across the globe. By deterring unsavory individuals, allowing you to be in-the-know at all times, or being able to communicate to your guests when you aren’t around, everybody can benefit in some way from this added piece of security.

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