You may have heard of the term “home automation.” But have you considered what benefits home automation could bring to your life? At Greensite, we offer many home surveillance and automation options including the incredible Tuxedo Touch System by Honeywell that can streamline many of the areas of your home, including security. Profesional Tuxedo Touch home surveillance installation is essential to maximize the performance and reliability of the security system.

Tuxedo Touch Home Surveillance Installation Package

What is the Tuxedo Touch?

The Tuxedo Touch is a home automation system based on a 7″ screen, like a tablet. The system can also be accessed by your smartphone when you are away from home as well through the Honeywell Connect app. Using the revolutionary Z-Wave technology, you can lock doors, change the thermostat, connect to audio/music, and monitor your home security from your Tuxedo Touch. The Tuxedo Touch uses voice commands so you can say “leaving the house” and the security system will activate. Imagine the convenience and efficiency of setting your alarm with a few words or turning your thermostat up or down while snuggled in on the couch for family movie night.
Is the Tuxedo Touch for Residential or Commercial Use?

The Tuxedo Touch is perfect for either residential or commercial use. It can provide a whole new level of insight into your business by using the video surveillance and voice commands to tap into unseen markets. Save money in your business by controlling the thermostat remotely and make sure your business is secure after hours by verifying the doors and locked, and the security system is set without leaving the comfort of your home. Video surveillance protects your employees and yourself from theft or other intruders.

What to Expect from A Tuxedo Touch home surveillance installation?

The last thing you want to do is order a fancy security system and then not know how to operate it and have to install it yourself. At the Greensite, we are certified and trained to install all of our Honeywell security systems. We even have a 30-day money back guarantee for qualifying customers if you aren’t satisfied.

Greensite installs and tests your system to make sure it is connected to our monitoring solution. This security coverage ensures the safety of your home 24/7/365. Sleep in peace, vacation in peace, leave your teenagers at home in knowing they are safe.

When we set up your system, we will make sure you aren’t overwhelmed by all of the options but have a setup created to meet your needs and streamline your life. Your Tuxedo Touch can operate lights, locks, shades, the thermostat, and any audio systems with the touch on a screen or even voice commands. When you get your system professionally installed, we can help you sync up any smart home features you already have in your home so they can all be controlled from the Tuxedo control panel.

Why Choose the Tuxedo Touch?

There are so many features to love from the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch—and with installation from Greensite, you will know you have a setup you can use and enjoy. The security system is WiFi ready which cuts down on costs for you and enables easier installation. We use the groundbreaking Z-Wave technology to streamline operations in your home or business, providing both security and convenience like never before. The Connect app from iOS or Android allows users to view video monitoring remotely from their smartphones. Security never looked as good or as simple as with the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch.

If you are interested in Tuxedo Touch home surveillance installation, contact Greensite today. We can simplify the processes in your home or business and make sure you feel safe and can run your home efficiently at all times.