1. Remote access to lighting schedules
greensite’s security systems have integrated home automation that can make your empty home look lived in occupied with automatic lights and sound systems.

2. Don’t neglect your windows
Consider arming windows with greensite’s window shock sensor a wireless alarm.

3. Outdoor warnings
Robbers are less likely to break into your home when they see a visible “protected by greensite, smile you’re on camera” sign in your front lawn.

4. Change up your spare key with key free touchscreen deadlocks
Sick of being anxious over leaving your spare key under the rock, in the mailbox, or behind the garden gnome? Switch over to greensite’s Yale key free touchscreen deadlocks and give yourself some piece of mind.

5. Trim trees and overgrown shrubs so there’s less cover for thieves
Trees can give you private, cozy seclusion—and that’s great for you. But it’s also great for thieves who want to hide from security lights or watchful eyes of neighbors. Make sure your cameras are placed in the right spots around your house. A greensite specialist can help you with that!

6. Don’t forget!
Arm your greensite Honeywell lyric control system before you leave.