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A home security camera installed by Greensite in the New York area “captured” the image of a suspect attempting to break into an automobile. The individual caught in the act was chased away by the car owner. This is only one of many instances where a properly installed home or business surveillance system has served as a successful deterrent to theft and other crimes.

Greensite Catches Car Thief In The Act

Home Surveillance Systems

Your home is your castle and you do not want it invaded by intruders. The latest Greensite Security Systems now feature the Total Connect app that allows you to monitor your home security remotely on a smartphone or other mobile device. State-of-the-art Z-Wave technology is used to connect and monitor your security system settings along with your appliances and thermostat. A reliable home security surveillance system is usually recommended by insurance companies covering theft and related crimes.

Resolution and capacity are necessary to consider when a security system is installed. You want to see clearly who comes on to your property and the time of arrival. A good camera system will show as much information as possible. You can identify people you know and strangers. Burglars usually try to break into a home or car where no one is there.

Cameras in homes on Long Island and other areas of New York can be installed at garage entries, front, back, and side doors. A camera can be installed by a sliding glass door that could provide an easy entry for a seasoned burglar. A home security system should also include sensor lights by the garage and doors. A garage, workshop, and separate storage areas should always be protected, especially if the home is located in a secluded area.

A high-definition (HD) camera can be installed anywhere and record people arriving and leaving your home. This is added security if you have young people alone in the house. The camera will show when your children arrive home and you will know that they are safely inside the house. They will probably be instructed not to answer the door if a stranger appears and to contact you immediately.

Security systems can connect to Greensite Central Monitoring that is available 24/7 to alert you to home intruders. You can connect with them remotely through your smartphone and authorize them to call the police. Contacting law enforcement to a possible break-in is always recommended. Chasing a thief can be dangerous, especially if that person is armed.

Camera in a Can

Greensite will install stand-alone covert security cameras that look like a can of beer or a soft drink! The camera is in the false bottom of the can and operated by battery. A Micro SD card will allow you to record four hours of surveillance.

This is a handy surveillance tool for backyards, especially if you have a swimming pool. This portable unit can also be used at any function where you have strangers in your home or yard.

This type of camera can be used to record (and spy on) people who you may suspect of illegal drug use or theft in a home or office environment. This is also another version of a “nanny camera” that can be used to monitor someone who cares for your child.

Business Security Systems

Security systems are available for all types of businesses. An office may need a security system that is completely different from a street-level store or a workshop type of business.

Security systems that include cameras, keypad locks, and alarms are used for warehouse and storage facilities. An office in a secure building may need only a special lock. A vehicle service center may need an extensive surveillance system to protect equipment.

Contact Greensite for more information for home and business surveillance systems. We will customize a security system for your home or business using the latest equipment from leading manufacturers. The system will be integrated into your home and business electronics and you monitor the system from your mobile devices.

About Greensite

Greensite Long Island home services proudly provide New York, Long Island, and New Jersey with low-voltage home security, surveillance, automation and maintenance services. The Greensite Central Home Monitoring center is UL Listed, CSAA Five Diamond Certified and FDNY Approved. Greensite is well reviewed, and we are proud to have over 15 years experience.

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