Do you own a pet? Installing a smart home surveillance is a great way to take better care of and pamper your pet. There are several ways a smart home system benefits pet owners and their pets.’  This includes controlling the temperature, observing your pet, and most importantly preventing theft.

Smart Home Surveillance Pet

Control the Temperature

With a smart home system, you can control the temperature in your home at any time. If it gets cold or hot, you can turn on the heat or the air conditioning system from your mobile device. You can automate the heat to go on at night. This is a great way to make sure that your pets stay warm during the winter and don’t get dehydrated during the summer. Automated fans are another great option, as they can be placed near a pet’s cage, even if it is outside.

Control the Lights

You can also turn the lights on and off easily. You can also set them to go on and off automatically. This way, your pet does not have to stay in a dark home when you stay at work until after dark during the winter. It also saves energy by not having to leave the light on.

Watch Your Pet

You can install surveillance cameras around your home and property so that you can keep an eye on your pet at all times. No more running around the house trying to find your pet. You can easily control the cameras from your smartphone app. They can have motion sensors so that you get notified if your dog enters a certain room. There are also smart collars that you can use to keep track of your pet. These collars can help provide you with the GPS location of your pet so that they do not get lost at any time. You can also get alerts when they leave a certain area. Some trackers will also give you information about your dog’s health profile, such as their sleep habits and even heart rate and respiratory health.

Control the Doors

You can control the doors and locks in your home. You can open your garage doors automatically or from your phone. This way, you can easily let your pet in and out of your home. You can also quickly let in a caregiver or your dog’s walker when you see them on the security camera. You can also install a special small door or door flap so that your pet can enter and exit your home, and you can get a log of all the times your dog goes in or out. This is especially useful if your dog needs to go out to take care of its needs while you are away.

Avoid Pet Theft

Of course, being able to surveil your pet will help prevent pet theft, which continues to increase each year. The theft of a family pet can be a tragic event.  Don’t let your best friend be taken for their street value.  Smart home surveillance can help keep your pet safe.

Last Chance for Animals based in Los Angeles estimates that two million pets are stolen every year, and PetLynx, a companion animal registry, estimates that one million animals go missing in Canada each year.

“There are people who actually go around and look for dogs to steal and they are doing it for a number of reasons,” says Fields. “One could be that they intend to resell the dogs to laboratories or secondary sources, which is totally illegal but it happens. There are also scammers out there that people need to be aware of. People will call up and say wire me this money and I will send you your dog back when in fact they have no intention of doing that or they may not even have your dog.”

There are many other smart home products that you can use as well. For example, there are smart toys that will keep your dog or cat occupied during the day while you are at work. There are also smart feeders that let you automate the feeding process for your pet so that they get the right amount of nutrition every day at the right times. Some feeders can even recognize each cat’s face and feed them accordingly. Samsung even has an entire smart dog house.

More and more pet owners are relying on smart home systems. The smart home industry keeps on growing, and while you may not need every smart gadget for your pet, installing a surveillance system is the first step towards keeping your pet safe. Installing a smart temperature and lighting control system will give you even more opportunities to pamper your pet. Contact Greensite for help with installing a smart home surveillance system.