Professional Long Island gutter cleaning is one of those chores that smart homeowners know always makes sense. In the vast majority of cases, cleaning your gutters involves getting up on a ladder not just once, but dozens of times, moving it over and over again to safely reach another three to five feet of the gutter before it is time to move the ladder again. Each time, you use a combination of tools and work gloves to scoop the old twigs, leaves, dirt, and other random debris out of the gutter and onto the ground where it can be raked up later. This process is tedious, and it can take hours depending on the size of your home and how good you are at clearing gutters. Not to mention that once the main lines are clear, you need to clear and test the drain spouts. It is no wonder so many Long Island residents decide to get professional Long Island gutter cleaning instead of taking on this surprisingly challenging task for themselves. In fact, there are many reasons why you might choose not to clean your gutters ranging from time to personal safety. What is your gutter situation?

Find Professional Long Island Gutter Cleaning

You Do Not Have the Time

The number one reason why most people hire a professional gutter cleaning service is that they simply do not have the time to clean their own gutters. The hours it would take an amateur could be better spent at work, doing your daily household chores, or running errands, If you just do not have the spare hours in a day to break out the ladder, gloves, and trowel, this is completely understandable. Professional gutter cleaners deal with a lot of busy parents and professionals who just need an extra hand with home maintenance tasks.

Ladders are Dangerous

One of the best pieces of advice we can give anyone is to never go up a ladder if you are not confident about your ability to stay on it. Ladders are dangerous, especially when they are set up to take you to a roof. Gutters are not so firmly attached that they could hold you up if you lose your balance, meaning that you need to be fairly confident on a ladder to clean gutters effectively. If you are afraid of heights, generally clumsy, or accident-prone, no one would reasonably suggest that you climb a ladder to perform a complex maintenance task. People who cannot clean their own gutters, either because of inability or inadvisability, are exactly why there are gutter cleaning services in the first place.

You Want a Consultation

Finally, there is more to gutter cleaning services than just clearing your gutters. A professional with experience in roofing and drainage can inspect your gutters to give you a consultation on any repairs, replacement, or renovations you have planned. They can test how securely the gutters are attached, check for the possibility of leaks, and test the flow down your gutters and out the drain spouts. Whether you just want information on the state of your gutters or to plan for a complete reinstallation, a professional gutter cleaning can end in exactly the information you are looking for.

While many homeowners take care of their own gutters, getting professional Long Island gutter cleaning is a great way to make sure that the job is done right, that no one gets hurt in the process, and that you get the full report on what is up with your gutters when the service is over. For more information about gutter cleaning services and the benefits of working with trained professionals or to schedule a consultation for your own gutter, please contact Greensite today.