Do you need professional gutter cleaning? Of all the maintenance tasks required to keep a home in good condition, cleaning the gutters is almost nobody’s favorite. Between scooping a pile of damp debris out of the trough to moving the ladder a dozen times with each gutter cleaning, needless to say, the task can be a bit of a hassle. To top it off, it also requires a reasonable amount of personal balance, strength, stamina, and coordination in order to perform the task safely. Many homeowners are too short, clumsy, or have become too old to perform the entire task reliably. With all these things in mind, it’s no wonder that homeowners across the country are happy to pay professionals to take care of this particular maintenance task for them.

Professional Gutter Cleaning On Ladder

Delegating the Responsibility

When you buy a home, you take on the responsibility for everything it takes to maintain the property’s integrity and value. However, because there are no ability limitations on property ownership, it can be assumed that not everyone who owns a house will be able to do everything necessary to keep it up. What makes homeownership universally accessible is the home services industry, an array of professionals from roofing to appliance repair. Some homeowners’ jobs are so demanding that they need someone to vacuum and run the dishwasher once a week. Whether you’re not confident on a ladder or don’t have the time to clear your gutters this year, the real estate culture is based on the ability to delegate maintenance responsibilities to professionals.

Making the Area Safe

Once you have scheduled a gutter cleaning appointment, you can speed up the service and make things easier for the professionals by clearing up the yard around your home. If you’re busy, you can also ask a relative or neighbor to do a round of picking or clearing clutter. The goal is to make a clear path around the edge of the roof where the ladder may have to stand. The fewer yard toys, rocks, and lawn furniture are in the way, the safer everyone will be and the faster the service can go.

Tracking the Service Progress

During the cleaning, you will be able to keep track of progress based on where the ladder and team are located around the perimeter of your roof. They will most likely be using gloves, a hand tool, and a bucket to remove and clear away the leaves and debris in your gutters. Near the end of the process, they might use the hose to flush the gutters and make sure the drain spouts are cleared and draining correctly. Once this is done, your gutters should be clean and ready for another six months of collecting leaves, sticks, and the occasional random object.

Is Gutter Cleaning a Service You Tip?

The etiquette for home services varies a great deal between the type of service and the local customs. If you’re wondering whether or not to tip your gutter cleaners, the best answer is that most people don’t but it’s not unheard of. Many homeowners who like to be hospitable or are particularly happy with the service will offer hot drinks in the winter or cold drinks in the summer. Professional gutter cleaning is not a tip-based service like hotel or retaurant staff so tipping is always a personal choice each homeowner is free to make.

Getting your gutters cleaned by professionals is a great way to make sure the chore is done right, done completely, and done on time even if you can’t take care of the task yourself. It also means that if there is anything structurally wrong with your gutters, the professionals will be able to spot it and let you know in time to arrange for repairs. For more information about professional gutter cleaning in Long Island, contact Greensite today.