Incredible advancements in technology have made it much easier to monitor and secure our homes from near or far, but it can get confusing with several separate systems. You may have one system for your thermostat and another for lights and electronics and yet another for security. Now we can have one integrated system to monitor security, doors, windows, lights, thermostat, irrigation, and more. The LYRIC Security Tool Kit puts your whole house at your fingertips, no matter where you are. Take a more in-depth look at just a few of the exciting features of this elegant system.

Lyric Security Tool Kit

Z-wave Controller

The built-in z-wave controller allows you to manage your thermostat, lights, locks, irrigation system, and more from the sleek 7-inch touchscreen, as well as from most phones, tablets, and computers. You can program it to turn down your heating or cooling system when no one is home, so you do not waste electricity on an empty house. Then program it to turn back up and turn on the lights right before everyone gets home. It is very reassuring to walk into a comfortable, well lit home. You can program the doors to unlock at a certain time each day or week when a cleaning person or babysitter arrives. You can also make changes to the schedule when you need to. Did the kids forget their key or leave the lights on again? No problem. You can unlock the door or turn off the lights with a tap of your touchscreen. Is the fellow that mows the lawn coming on a different day? No problem. You can turn off your irrigation system, so he does not get sprayed. You can also check your video monitors to ensure everything is alright or find out if the kids got home ok.

Wireless Receiver

The LYRIC Security Tool Kit also comes with a built-in wireless receiver. This means we can use wireless contacts to secure the doors and windows of your home or business. No more holes to drill or wires to run or mess on your floor during installation. You arm the system through the panel, phone, tablet, or computer, and any disturbance of the contacts will alert you and us. Here at Greensite, we have a wide variety of monitoring programs to fit the needs of your home or business.

Seamless Integration

There is no reason to worry if you just bought a new wireless thermostat and did not want to spend extra money replacing it. The LYRIC Security Tool Kit is compatible with many Honeywell wifi thermostats, so we can link into what you already have. If you have not yet made the leap to wireless, we are also able to easily convert homes that are still running wired systems to the new wireless technology.


Sometimes technology is, well, technological. Even if you have a hard time with technology, our 7-inch touchscreen panel is intuitive and user-friendly. You will navigate through the different systems with ease. Do not let the ease of use fool you, though. This is cutting-edge technology, and our relationship with Honeywell allowed us to be among the first trained in this incredible new system. Honeywell has been revolutionizing home technology since they introduced The Round thermostat more than 60 years ago.

We look forward to speaking with you about your security and monitoring needs for your home or business. Our highly trained and vetted staff is here to answer your questions and put your mind at ease knowing your home is safe and protected, no matter where you are. Please contact Greensite with any questions or to learn more about the LYRIC Security Tool Kit.