Security cameras are great tools for keeping your home and your family safe, and once you decide to add security cameras to your home security system, just the appearance of those cameras in help dissuade criminals from breaking in. However, for the cameras to be truly effective in keeping your family safe, placing them optimal locations where they can best guard the entryways and most vulnerable parts of your home is critical. Here are three key recommendations for where and how to place your Long Island security cameras to maximize effectiveness.

Long Island Security Cameras Placement Matters

Put cameras at your front and back doors. A front door security camera is a signal to a would-be burglar that your home has an active security system. Placing an additional camera at the back door also dissuades break-ins because up to 22% of burglars prefer back doors due to their relative isolation.

Use cameras to cover less obvious entryways into your home such as off-street windows and balconies. Most thieves and vandals avoid entryways in the front of the house or in highly visible locations, so securing the sides and back of your house that are not visible from the street is the perfect use or security cameras.

Put your cameras near light. Increased lighting helps cameras catch the details and facial features of would-be burglars. Having the cameras near high-up features and crevices along the side of your house also helps give the cameras themselves an element of protection because they are harder to dismantle, tamper with, or break.

If you are looking to increase your home security by placing Long Island security cameras, Greensite, can help you find cameras and get them installed right.  Please contact Greensite, here if you have any questions or would like to browse a selection of security systems.