Do you have integrated wireless security devices in your home or business? Home and office security are essential. It is even more of a necessity for people who are not in the house all day, or who travel frequently. Widely used wireless security systems for condominiums, apartments, and townhouses provide a significant upgrade over previous generations of equipment. Individual business locations and office buildings with remote monitoring and a wireless security system is the best protection against theft and vandalism. Burglars target unoccupied homes, apartments, and some business buildings.

Wireless Security Devices Replacing Battery

You may have wireless home security devices that protect doors and windows, and you have a smoke and carbon detector system. Often, your current wired systems can be integrated with new wireless security system componentry. Here are a few items that can be wirelessly connected to your network and provide additional safety and security.

Doors and Windows

Your doors and windows can be connected without wires to an alarm system that prevents illegal entry. There are various devices on the market including digital door locks, cameras, and lithium battery operated window systems that will protect your home or work location. These home security devices are easy to install, and they are often not even visible.

Tiny, high-definition bullet cameras can be installed to watch your doors. These unobtrusive cameras are waterproof with some systems offering night vision. Due to their small size, bullet cameras can be positioned in hard to reach areas.

Videos of people entering and leaving can be stored in a cloud system for up to 30 days with many security companies. This is a convenient network video recording (NVR) security system for a business with multiple entries or an apartment building with one or two entries.

This NVR camera system will also work in a parking garage. When it is installed correctly, its operation can be monitored with an alarm board. Security lights for homes and commercial buildings are also connected to an alarm board to alert the user if the system is not working correctly.

Your home or business security system can also be connected to your smartphone. You can open and close doors remotely and see who approaches your residence while you are away. The Z-Wave technology will also enable you to control lights, locks, thermostats, and appliances.

Sensor Technology and Monitoring

Most wireless window and door sensors have the small lithium batteries that need to be replaced occasionally. A central alarm board will alert you when this happens. You can have a siren that alerts you to a low battery similar to the one on many smoke alarms, but this is not always necessary on other devices.

Greensite, serving New York City, Long Island, and New Jersey, installs your wireless home security devices to make sure they are connected to an alarm panel that monitors their use. Greensite will monitor all of your home security and safety devices 24/7 every day of the year when they are all connected. The monitor system will log every time you set or disarm your security system and watch your security cameras. This is accomplished through a central panel that has all of your systems connected.

We send you a video clip when an alarm goes off to alert you. This tells you when and why the alarm sounded. The video will also show any attempts at illegal entry. The monitor system will also alert you if one of the devices needs a new battery.

A good home security system gives you the peace of mind to know that you are safe in your own home. This applies to detached homes or multiple dwelling buildings. An experienced burglar can enter an apartment or condo as easily as a home. Greensite recommends different security systems for all types of residential and commercial buildings. Contact Greensite for more information.