When it comes to ensuring your family’s safety, no expense can be spared. In today’s world, that means protecting your family, home, and property by installing home surveillance. We made this guid to help you get the most out of your home surveillance and security system.

Installing Home Surveillance View Cameras Computer

Place the cameras for maximum impact

Points of heavy traffic or under heavy cover are the areas most likely needing surveillance. Anything that allows a trespasser to sneak through the easiest is first on the list of locations to watch.

Place them in corners

This position offers the greatest vantage point. Ideally, you will have it right where the ceiling or roof connect to the wall. This way it is protected from the weather while also providing the widest possible view.

Make sure they are sufficiently shielded

Not only do you want a camera that’s safe from the elements, but one that’s also safe from trespassers. Cameras are priority targets for thieves and popular targets for vandals so you might want to consider a weatherproof case or additional protective plating. The higher and more out of reach, the better.

Make sure they are stable

If your support is not secure enough, then the camera might shake or stutter, and that could lead to distorted or incomplete images. Make sure that your camera is vibration-resistant.

Keep them out of reach

If it is reachable, it is vulnerable. In addition to placing them high up, place them where only you can reach. A common mistake is placing them right above a basement window.

Set your base unit secure and high up

Often this means your attic. However, so long as it is in a safe, centralized place that doesn’t interfere with the rest of your house, it will work.

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