There is no question that the world can be a dangerous place. The true question is, what are you going to do about it? Being able to sleep comfortably, knowing that you are protected, can revolutionize your life. A safe home environment is essential. When you are at home, there are plenty of things on your mind, and your constant safety should not have to be one of them. It is critical to address the issue of home safety by installing an alarm system. Knowing you are protected adds to the relaxation and peace of mind you can feel at home. Setting up a Honeywell wireless security system with the Honeywell Wireless Outdoor Sensor helps ensure that all of your bases are covered.

Honeywell Wireless Outdoor Sensor

For anyone who already has a Honeywell wireless system installed, you can count on the Honeywell Wireless Outdoor Sensor to work seamlessly. This saves you the hassle of compatibility issues or having to upgrade simply to add extra security. By keeping it simple to integrate into your current wireless Honeywell system, it begs to ask, why not add another layer of security?

One of the impressive points to mention is the fact that it works without the hassle of installing any wires. You will want to take care of, and protect what you put away in your outdoor workshop, shed, detached garage or basement. With the Honeywell Wireless Outdoor Sensor, you no longer have to wonder if it will be taken care of, and there is no need to run wires all the way outside. The wireless sensor features extended range so it can reach farther than conventional sensors set up inside your home. Powering the sensor is also extremely simple, it will run off of almost any AA lithium batteries, so there is no need to worry about buying special, oddly shaped, more expensive batteries. On top of using a standard battery size, this sensor can function dependably for 5 to 7 years without having to continually replace it which increases the simplicity of the system even more.

Facing the threat of inclement weather, the Honeywell Wireless Outdoor Sensor was designed to be more than just convenient and straightforward. It was designed to be rugged and stands tall in the face of environmental challenges. What would be the point of the battery life lasting so long if they did not make the sensor itself ready to handle what comes in the years of use ahead of it? That is why it was created to be durable and completely weatherproof.

While we have a lot to say about the Honeywell Wireless Outdoor Sensor, it is essential to consider other aspects of security that will complement the system. Leaving a number of lights on the exterior can prove expensive when the electric bill comes around, alternatively, installing a light with a motion sensor can work wonders in deterring potential thieves and assuring you of knowing what exactly is moving around outside. If someone who does not belong decides to come on to your property, it is also beneficial to have motion cameras in place that can help document who it was, what they tried to do, and when it happened. Taking precautions is essential, and there is no need to feel uncertain about your security. At Greensite we understand the value of your peace of mind and have representatives ready to answer questions you have about your safety and security. Contact Greensite, and we appreciate the opportunity to speak with you regarding such an important matter.