Why choose the Honeywell Lynx Touch? Once upon a time, a good sturdy door lock might have been enough to keep your home safe from intruders. In the modern world, it takes more than that to ensure peace of mind as a homeowner, or even a renter. As a result, more and more people every year choose to boost their safety with a home security system. A wealth of options exist when it comes to different security systems, making it a challenge to choose the best security system to meet your needs. Making the wrong choice may mean spending too much or leaving you with an inadequate level of security. Let’s take a closer look at one of the best home security systems currently on the market, the Honeywell Lynx Touch.

Honeywell Lynx Touch Package

Touchscreen Interface

Most home security systems rely on a thermostat-like interface used to program settings and control various functions. As many will know from past experiences, such interfaces aren’t always easy to navigate. In particular, elderly residents often find it a challenge to set their systems reliably.

The designers at Honeywell understand the limitations of physical input pads. The Lynx Touch avoids many of the problems inherent to other security systems by incorporating a state of the art touchscreen interface. This interface allows you to navigate through a series of selection menus with an almost unprecedented level of ease.

The Lynx Touch’s 4.3″ touchscreen interface uses large, bright, and easily read text and icons which make it easy for even complete beginners to use. Best of all, two dedicated keys make it simple to access both the home screen and the system’s emergency functions from virtually any input menu.

Wireless Ready

Traditional security alarm systems connect to their various sensors through physical wires. For the system to interface with all of the window and door sensors in a home, hundreds of feet of cables often had to be run through the walls. As you can imagine, setting up such a system can be quite costly and time-consuming.

The Lynx Touch does away with the need for extensive wiring, thanks to its ability to connect to wireless sensors through your home’s WiFi system. It can also connect to Honeywell’s AlarmNet services through the same WiFi connection, meaning you can avoid the expense of adding a dedicated phone line just for your security system.

The wireless nature of the Lynx Touch means that you won’t have to permanently attach the head unit to the wall of your home. Instead, you can opt for the tabletop interface, which can be moved from place to place at your convenience. This feature also makes the Lynx Touch an excellent choice for renters, who are often wary of systems that require modifying the walls of a rental property.

Easy Access Panic Keys

The security experts at Honeywell understand that not all emergencies will trigger your system’s alarm. That’s why they include the option to activate three individual panic functions manually. All you have to do is hold down the panic key on the interface for three to four seconds to activate the panic screen. The panic screen can be accessed regardless of whether your system is armed.

The panic screen contains three separate icons: one for police emergencies, one for fire emergencies, and one for medical emergencies. Touching any of these keys will instantly alert central monitoring of the related emergency, ensuring that you get a lightning-quick response to your specific needs.

The Honeywell Lynx Touch offers one of the best set of security interface features currently on the market. For more information about how the Lynx Touch can help protect you and your family from danger, please contact Greensite. Our home security experts are ready to answer all your Honeywell Lynx Touch questions.