As a Honeywell Certified Installer, Greensite provides top quality installation services for our New York, Long Island, and New Jersey customers. We offer a wide variety of Honeywell alarm systems to choose from to customize your home and business security needs.

Honeywell Alarm Systems

Lynx Touch 7000

The Lynx Touch 7000 system offers a 7″ full-color touchscreen with video capability and intuitive graphic icons that are easy to see and understand. Its Z-Wave® automation capabilities can integrate settings for not only your security system, but also your thermostat, lighting, and locks, allowing you to personalize your environment based on the time of day or your actions.

With a built-in two-way voice family message center, garage door controls, support for up to four cameras, and over 80 programmable zones, the Lynx 7000 system ensures that you are always in control. Its Wi-Fi option allows you to view and operate the system’s video feed on the premises (up to four cameras) with your iOS or Android device, and its alarm system includes tornado alerts for the U.S. and Canada.

Lynx Touch 5210

The Lynx Touch 5210 has all the same features as the 7000, just on a smaller scale. Its 4.3″ screen is more compact, and it can handle one camera and 64 zones.

Tuxedo Touch

Like the Lynx Touch, the Tuxedo Touch has a 7″ high-resolution display but also includes a voice-activated controller. Simply say, “Leaving the house,” and it can arm your security system, adjust the thermostat, and turn off lights. When you return home, the Tuxedo Touch can disarm the system, adjust the thermostat to your comfort level, and turn on the lights. Its Z-Wave® technology allows it to fully automate all of your home systems, including raising and lowering shades and playing music.

The Tuxedo’s embedded training videos make home automation simple and easy and help you feel confident in fully customizing your home’s systems.

Lyric Touch

The Lyric Touch is another Honeywell system that offers hands-free control with voice-activated technology. Its sleek and stylish design fits in anywhere in your home, and the Lyric has the added benefit of allowing you to view a live video feed from your home’s system remotely. You can also receive photo alerts on your smart device whenever your system is disarmed, allowing you to see everyone who walks through your door when you are away. You can also program the system to automatically lock or unlock doors at certain times, permitting a babysitter or housekeeper controlled access when you are not home.

Ademco 6160

For those who want simple, budget-friendly home security, the Ademco 6160 keypad offers a large, bright, backlit display, where system statuses are shown in plain English. The Ademco functions are all labeled, and its single-function keys can be programmed for easy access in an emergency. Simple numeric codes are used to arm and disarm the system, and there are no blinking lights to confuse the user.

Honeywell 6160CR-2

This commercial fire alert system features a bright red keypad for high visibility and easy access for employees. The keys are backlit, and the easy-to-read LCD becomes backlit when keys are pressed or when the system is in alert mode, but it can also be programmed to remain backlit at all times. The loud, built-in sounder ensures that no alarm goes unnoticed.

Greensite offers a UL Listed, CSAA Five Diamond Certified and FDNY Approved central monitoring service for all of your security monitoring needs. With numerous redundancy systems in place in our monitoring center, including backup generators and voice circuits from two different local carriers, we can keep a close eye on your security and ensure that you and your residence or business is in good hands.

Contact Greensite today to find out more about how our Honeywell systems and monitoring can give you the peace of mind you need.