Home automation is becoming increasingly popular through a wide variety of applications, compatible smart devices, and the growing acclimation to being able to control a home’s lighting and thermostat remotely. However, as much as these can be purposed for home security and greater insight into activity in your home, they are only part of a good home security solution. Having home surveillance Long Island around the perimeter of your home is equally as essential to keeping you and your family safe. Why is perimeter protection and video surveillance important?

Home Surveillance Long Island Exterior Camera

Outdoor valuables can be a tempting target.

Some of your most expensive and simultaneously most highly transportable belongings are not kept in your home; they are in your backyard or a shed. To disincentivize would-be burglars from crossing into your backyard and taking anything from powered gardening tools to bikes to patio furniture, you should add home surveillance Long Island along the perimeter of your property.

It demonstrates proactive prevention.

As valuable as appliance and lighting automation is, on its own, it is no replacement for actual home security. However, anyone looking into breaking into your home knows that there’s a chance you think precisely that. Having visible security cameras are a clear sign that your home is protected and makes your home less of a target.

Home security comes in many parts, and that lets you customize a plan based on you and your family’s needs. Home surveillance Long Island is a critical component to that whether you want to monitor the outside and inside of your home or just establish a perimeter along your fence line. Please contact Greensite if you have any questions or would like to browse a selection of home security systems for your Long Island home.