Long Island Home Surveillance Installation

greensite continues to be on the forefront of technology with our latest product offerings for Long Island home surveillance installation.  From IP cameras, night vision, camera DVR integration, setup, and testing. For both homeowners and business owners, greensite Surveillance Installations provide reliable and quality, reliability and economy.

We carry the best brand name cameras available and have thoroughly tested and proven their use. Expertise is important when choosing the makeup of your surveillance system.  greensite can help you save money by crafting a system to fit your needs with room to grow.  Avoid getting too much, or even too little when it comes to resolution, capacity, and integration.

Does your business need an IP NVR?  We can answer your surveillance network video recorder installation questions. We build systems with full HD (1080p) and even have available 4k surveillance systems. Contact greensite now, and we can design a system just for you.

24 Hour Video Surveillance Installation

greensite Covert Camera

greensite now offers the greensite Covert Camera. When it comes to your home and your family, there’s no such thing as too much safety. It’s critical to stay one step ahead of those who may wish you do you harm. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our line of stand-alone and self-contained of Covert Cameras.

Download the greensite Covert Cam PDF

Read more about the greensite Covert Camera in a Can and view all the features and specifications in “Secure Your Home With a greensite Covert Camera in a Can”.

Greensite Covert Camera in a Can
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