Every home security system consists of a variety of features. While you can get pre-configured packages that come with a certain number of cameras and sensors, each home is different and so are your security needs. The chances are that you want the exact right amount and placement of cameras in your home and sensors on every door and window to be certain your home is completely safe. To find the best home security systems near me,  you need a reliable home security vendor that can provide the right combination of security features, a central hub and monitoring service, and an expert installation team. With these things, your home will be both secure and actively protected.

Professional Home Security Systems Near Me

Of course, every home security system starts by building the right feature combinations for your needs. Let’s take a look at a few features you will likely want in your new home security system.

Cameras and Infra-Red

Cameras are the core of any home security system because they can tell you who is in your yard, who is at your front door and who, if anyone, is sneaking around your house. Cameras are also incredibly versatile and come in many sizes, quality levels, software complexity, and ability to see. We highly recommend using cameras that are also capable of infra-red vision which allows them to see clearly through the darkness of night.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are not the same as cameras, though the two are often paired in home security products. A motion sensor is simple, it notices changes in light nearby and can send a simple yes or no answer. Yes, there is motion or no there is not. Motion sensors are usually used alone in private areas like bathrooms or bedrooms where you don’t want cameras. They are also very commonly paired with floodlights outdoors and night lights indoors.

Door and Window Sensors

Door and window sensors, or aperture sensors as they are sometimes called, are either pressure switches or simple metal contact switches. They detect whether a door or window is open or closed. Combined with home security software, you can get a full picture of exactly which doors are open and possibly a day-to-day record of which doors and windows opened at what times and for how long. When a home is ‘armed,’ triggering one of these sensors is likely to trigger the alarm.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Few homeowners initially think of smoke and carbon monoxide detection as an essential aspect of home security, but when looking for the home security systems near me, there is no doubting that they are am essential part of keeping your home and family safe. It is now possible to install these environmental protections as an integrated part of your home security system, allowing your alarm and security service to call for assistance if a fire starts and to wake you up if your home is filling with deadly carbon monoxide.

Security Control Panel

Finally, we come to the security control panel. This is perhaps the most personal choice any homeowner can make in their home security system. The control panel can be simple or complex, analog or controlled by a beautiful touch-screen. It can be mounted on your wall or serve as an additional mobile device around the house. It’s important to choose one that suits your preferences, home, tech-savviness, and how you want to be able to access, assess, and configure your system.

Monitoring Service

As we wrap up, never forget the importance of your home security monitoring service. This will most likely be determined by whoever you choose to do your system installation, and you will be relying on this service to help keep your home and family safe. These dedicated professionals are in charge of keeping an eye on the protected homes under their care and reach out if anything is fishy. In most situations, this will start with a call to the house.

If the alarm is going off and no one picks up the phone, or if a frightened resident answers and needs help, authorities will be dispatched. If there is a fire, your monitoring service can call the fire department, and if they know you’re on vacation when an intrusion occurs, they can take measure to protect your house and possessions. Many people experiencing an emergency have also been able to contact their home security monitoring service for help even if phones are dead or out of reach.

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