Have you invested in a home security system yet? With many family members of elderly parents living far away and younger children coming home to empty homes while parents work, their safety and security become a top priority. Many people think that remembering to lock your doors is all the security needed but there a host of things you can do to prevent a home invasion. A professional security system provides a way for the whole family to become involved in the safety and security of the family even if unexpected visitors arrive. This can also help ensure peace of mind when you are not home. Here are the top five reasons why investing in a home security system is a good idea.

Modern Home Security System

24 Hour Security

Potential burglars watch our residences to determine our behavior patterns before attempting to enter a location. They know when you leave home and learn your behavior patterns. Investing in a security system is a sure bet that your home is protected whenever you leave the premises or for when you are there. Many home security devices come with remote activation that can be monitored from a touch device like a tablet or phone allowing family members the ability to ensure that all the doors and windows are locked while on vacation, at work or away overnight.

24/7/365 Alarm Monitoring

Professional alarm monitoring provides you with the safety you expect when you purchase a home security system. In the event of a break in or fire, the police and/or fire departments are alerted immediately to the threat of danger. This is an invaluable service when limiting property damage or protecting lives are at stake. Even if you are home, the safety and security provided by a professional alarm monitoring system provide the peace of mind you need and expect.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance techniques can catch the criminal or would-be criminal in the act. Strategically placed cameras can provide the deterrence needed to keep perpetrators off your property. We have all seen the incidents of packages stolen off front porches or burglars posing as repair people in the neighborhood. Video surveillance can catch them in the act if they do decide to go through with any criminal activity. The video footage provided would make a much more compelling story than that told by your dog to a judge or jury.

Remote Access

Smart home technology allows you to activate your home security system from anywhere. Whether you are on the road or in your bed, you can set the alarm system with the touch of a button using your phone, tablet or computer. This is also a great feature if you are not the last one to leave your house in the morning or need to unlock the door for others during the day. As a family member not co-located with your loved one, you can help ensure their safety by having partial or total control over who accesses your premises day or night.

Door and Window Protection

Many professionally installed alarm systems arm both the doors and windows. Activating an alarms system for your windows is an essential feature if you have a second-floor patio outside your bedroom or live in a one level home. For those families that prefer to open windows on colder days, this alarm feature is particularly important.

When used together, features like the home surveillance, central monitoring and home automation can help you protect your family when you are away or even identify who is coming to your home before answering the door. When investigating the type of home security system you want to install, be sure to research all your options and speak with seasoned professionals. For more information, contact Greensite today.