The holidays might be over, but that does not mean there aren’t still presents to unwrap! Now that you have some time to take a breath after all the madness of the holiday season, we invite you to take a few minutes to enter Greensite’s home security holiday raffel 2017. Here at Greensite, we want to say thank you for being a valued member of the Greensite family. That is why, this year, we are giving away a video doorbell and an Amazon Echo to two lucky winners! Every household gets one entry, and you get to choose whether you want a video doorbell or an Amazon Echo. To make your decision, we are breaking down some of the best features of each product.

Greensite Group Home Security Holiday Raffle 2017

Turn your home into a smart home

Both the Amazon Echo and the video doorbell can integrate with your current smart home setup. (They are also great first additions to a smart home if you do not have any other devices yet!) In addition to helping your home become safer and more secure, they provide convenience and peace of mind for you and your entire household.

If you are not sure which one would be best for your home, or if you just want more information, feel free to ask a friendly specialist from Greensite about how each device can integrate with your specific home automation and home security system. We can provide you with everything you need, including discounted doorbell installation options for your video doorbell!

Why choose an Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo can integrate with everything from locks to lights, to improve the security of your home. The voice assistant on the Echo is Alexa, who is compatible with other Amazon and home automation devices.

Voice commands make it convenient to do everyday tasks like listening to the news, turning on the radio, figuring out how to dress for the weather in the morning, and making phone calls. It retails for around $100 on Amazon but can be yours for free if you win our raffle. Simply download the Alexa app on your tablet or mobile phone to start syncing your home. Talk to a Greensite specialist for more information on how you can sync the Echo with the rest of your home automation devices.

Why choose a video doorbell

A video doorbell provides peace of mind and security whether you are at home or away. You can see who is at the door whenever it rings, giving you a chance to decide whether or not you want to open it. This can come in handy when you or your loved ones are home alone and aren’t sure whether or not it is safe to answer the door. It also allows you to track who rings your doorbell when you are away from home, whether you are on vacation or just at work.

Video doorbells keep teens safe when they are home alone since you can monitor and respond to anyone who rings the doorbell from your phone, no matter where you are. Like the Echo, they retail for around $100, but can be yours for free when you enter and win the Greensite holiday raffle!

How to enter our raffle

All raffle entries will be taken via email, so submit your entry to We will choose our winners in our office on Monday, January 15th at 1:00 pm. However, don’t worry. You do not need to take time out of your schedule to be present. We will notify our winner by email! Make sure to contact Greensite if you have any questions about our raffle or for more information on our home security and home automation systems and installation.


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