When you think of home security cameras Long Island, chances are you are picturing commercial security with cameras in parking lots, security watching the front doors of a business or store.  Alternatively, we have all seen traffic light cameras that watch for cars crossing the intersection at the wrong time. However, security cameras also have a place in your home security system. Here are three benefits of installing security cameras in and around your home that can help keep you secure.

Home Security Cameras Long Island Prevent Breakins

Visible security is a disincentive for crime. If a potential burglar knows that a home has an active security system, they are far less likely to try breaking in. This is why security companies often post signs in the front yard of a protected home or give reflective window decal: the appearance of security, sometimes even more than the security itself, helps keep your home safe. If the front, side, and back entry points of your home are visibly guarded by a security camera, your property is a far less attractive target.

Video surveillance systems can help reduce your insurance premiums. Home insurance companies give incentives to homeowners who make their properties measurably safer because it reduces the risk of damages and break-ins. In this instance, both the solvency of the camera itself and the reduced risk of break-ins due to the existence of a camera help reduce the risk and give you grounds for negotiating your rates.

Keep an eye on the interior of your home. If can’t always have eyes on kids or elderly family members, having remote video can provide peace of mind. This is also useful for checking in on your pet and making sure that everyone in your household is safe even if you cannot be there yourself.

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