Security and home automation are essential for owners who want to stay connected to their investments when traveling.

For the savvy traveler that wants to enhance home security when they are away, we suggest asking yourself these four questions, which can help you select the security system that is right for you.

  1. Does the system’s app allow for easy camera viewing or camera-triggered alerts? Not all apps and cameras are created equal. Clients often tell us they love the ability to look in on the home via cameras with Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services. Cameras can be positioned in a way that they can see the status of their lawn care, the water level of their pool, and any mail accumulating outside their front door.
  2. Do you want your security system to help save energy? Home automation and energy consumption are two key trends emerging in the home security space as the smart home becomes more mainstream. Homeowners want a system that offers the ability to control lighting to ensure the home looks occupied and to also time interior and exterior lights to save energy. A Honeywell Home smart thermostat can show how your home reacts to changes in weather, and can automatically adjust your temperature to optimize comfort – whether you’re home or away.
  3. Do you want an awareness system or one that takes action for you? In an emergency, seconds make a difference. With our professional central monitoring, dispatchers are trained to manage the alarm process: from receiving the signal, verification of the alarm, and when needed, dispatching the authorities.
  4. Does the security system integrate with my existing smart solutions? Greensites home automation system uses Z-wave solutions which connect lights, locks, thermostats, and more can be controlled by the touch of your phone or tablet.

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