Did you know that home automation can help seniors age in place? Since the baby boomers started turning 65 in 2011, there has been a significant increase in our country’s aging population. The number of people age 65 and older increased from 35 million in 2000 to almost 50 million (49.2 million) in 2016, which accounts for 15.2 percent of the entire U.S. population. As the increase in the aging population is expected to continue, there is an urgent need for home automation solutions provided by Greensite that can help American seniors age in place. Here are some ways Greensite, your trusted source for home automation can help your aging loved one.

Seniors Age In Place

What Is Aging in Place?

Perhaps you may have heard of the term “aging in place” but are not quite sure what it means. To age in place means older people are making a conscious choice to remain in their own homes for as long as possible so that they can have the comforts they consider essential.

Most seniors today prefer to remain in their own homes instead of transitioning into a retirement facility. In addition to being familiar with their neighborhoods, they do not want to leave their homes that may represent years of fond memories.

Home Automation Helps Seniors Age in Place

Health care is one of the main benefits of home automation for seniors. For example, these technologies can remind seniors to take their medications. Remote monitoring is another big perk. By using home automation, seniors can have daily medical testing, in addition to medical care coordination. Greensite also offers medical alarm systems (PERS) that can contact help immediately if your loved one is in need of medical attention. These systems can provide automated services and look in cameras so that you know your loved one is safe and sound

Home automation helps seniors to stay safe in their homes. Often, people who suffer from memory loss fail to do basic tasks, such as turning off lights. Even worse, they can forget to turn off ovens, stovetops or leave faucets running. However, thanks to appliance-monitoring systems provided and programmed by Greensite, alerts can be sent to both seniors and caregivers whenever an appliance shows unusual activity. Amazingly, many systems can even remotely switch off appliances, which helps save energy costs.

What’s more, home automation technology can provide long-distance caregiving for family members who don’t live near their loved ones. It helps in communications and relationships while fighting loneliness and depression, which are common issues in seniors.

Build a Senior-Friendly Smart Home

If you have at least one aging parent who wants to remain at home, you need to be sure their home is senior-friendly. One of the primary features that Greensite offers for a senior-friendly smart home is a smart smoke alarm. This device is critical in providing early fire detection. As a result, a house is safer, which gives both you and your elderly parents peace of mind.

IP cameras should be installed to ensure a home is safe. These special cameras are necessary because they can let you see live video images from your smartphone. An IP camera can also be configured for recording a live video when detecting an alarm. Install wireless switches and motion sensors to energy monitoring units and smart thermostats. These tools help save energy costs and can be controlled from a phone without even having to leave your bed.

The Many Benefits of Wearable Devices

By using wearable devices, your loved ones can stay connected by receiving emails, sending texts, making calls and receiving notifications without needing to use a phone. By being connected, seniors can stay in touch with others. Even more importantly, they can contact emergency services and caregivers when needed. Some wearable devices even have built-in microphones, speakers and built-in GPS functionality for tracking.

Encouraging Seniors to Stay Connected

Connectivity is another bonus of home automation that helps seniors age in place. Internet-enabled devices can be installed on home networks, such as streaming media players and email-only devices. Seniors can stay connected with others by doing online activities from their phones, tablets, laptops, and computers. While some enjoy social networking, others prefer playing online games.

  • By combining the concept of aging in place with a professionally installed home automation system by Greensite, seniors can be more comfortable in their own home, besides, feel safer. As a result, both seniors and their caregivers can experience peace of mind.
  • Thanks to home automation technologies, today’s seniors can age in place without having to worry about leaving their homes.
  • Because of home automation systems, even seniors suffering from neurocognitive disorders can safely age in place.
  • Hiring the right home automation installer is critical when building a smart home. Let greensite design a system that works for you!

One of the most significant components of a smart home for seniors is a high-quality home security system. Besides home security and home surveillance, we offer home automation installation for both turnkey and custom solutions for a wide range of needs. Please contact Greensite or call(866) 573-2873 and learn more about our various home automation products and services.