Greensite now offers the Greensite Covert Camera. When it comes to your home and your family, there’s no such thing as too much safety. It’s critical to stay one step ahead of those who may wish you do you harm. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our line of stand-alone and self-contained of Covert Cameras.

Greensite Covert Camera in a Can

“How Do They Work?”

Whether you are monitoring suspicious activity or want to keep an eye on the nanny, a covert camera is a perfect tool for professionals and civilians alike. These minuscule cameras allow you to watch over your family and property by transmitting the video information onto a hard drive, Micro SD card, or DVR. From there you can go over the footage at leisure to search for any misdeeds. Despite their small size, they are more than enough to record everything in high definition.

It may seem easier to stick with the regular, more overt security cameras that have been around for decades. The answer is that discretion is essential. You can often catch more suspicious behavior if nobody realizes they’re being recorded. That false sense of security may be just what is needed for the next would-be criminal to reveal themselves.

“Why Do I Need One?”

There many reasons why covert cameras can be a lifesaver to any house or business. Professionals or concerned citizens in less-than-safe neighborhoods may have reason to record drug deals, suspicious motel room activity, gang operations, and other illicit behavior.

Vigilant parents may also wish to keep track of potential abuse at home while remaining inconspicuous. Now you can go about your life confident that the nannies you hire are following your instructions, your children are not being neglected or harmed, and whether any unwanted guests are being invited over.

“So Where Should I Place It?”

There are numerous suitable spots to place your secret camera. Common locations include:

  • Wall or mantel clocks
  • Smoke detectors
  • Tissue box covers
  • Stuffed animals
  • Air fresheners
  • Houseplants
  • Computer speakers
  • If, however, you’re in need of something more. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The Greensite Covert Camera in a Can

That’s why at Greensite we are proud to offer the next stage of hidden cameras. The “Covert Nanny Cam in a Can” is a self-contained recording device featuring a 2-megapixel/1080p high definition, audio, SD-Card slot, and live stream capability. Conveniently disguised as a regular can with a false bottom, you can choose your cover. If you’re a regular partaker of beer or energy drinks, all you need to do is attach the cover of your preferred brand, and it will blend in like a chameleon.

Unlike some covers such as clocks or air fresheners, these aren’t static and can be moved around the room to find the perfect vantage point without arousing suspicion. The “can cam” is battery powered and uses no detectable wires, but at no risk to video fidelity. The footage you record contains no pixelation or grainy footage, just 4 hours’ worth of uninterrupted high definition video. Using state-of-the-art compression, it easily stores all of this onto your Micro SD card.

You don’t have to wait to watch the footage after the fact. You can connect it to your smartphone via a specially-designed app so you can monitor it in real time via WiFi, LAN, or 4G.

Download the Greensite Covert Cam in a Can Spec PDF

The Greensite Covert Camera in a Can comes with:

  • Self-Contained Stand-Alone Recording Device
  • 1080p full 30fps recording
  • Battery Operated – Charge & Go
  • High gain audio with software with adjustable gain
  • Up to 128 GB SDXC Micro SD Storage
  • H.264 and H.265 selectable recording modes
  • Remote Viewing mode that offers a Live Stream to anywhere
  • Record to the device and remotely during live view
  • Up to 4 hours record time
  • iOS & Android Remote Viewing Apps
  • Includes USB Cable, AC Power Charger & Remote Viewing Software
  • No matter what your budget, we’ll find a camera that suits you and your needs.

We at Greensite are dedicated to your security. Our talented team can assist you with any questions you have so feel free to contact Greensite today.