Carbon Monoxide Detector InstallationThe Honeywell 5800 COMBO is a wireless heat, smoke and carbon monoxide detector with a 10 year estimated life expectancy. This multi threat detection system has multiple settings which allows it to track multiple different threats such as Smoke Detection, Carbon Monoxide Detection and Low Temperature Detection (Temperatures under 41 degrees). Each of these alerts has a corresponding LED Indicator which will go off and alert the homeowner as well as the Greensite Monitoring Center. For example:

  • Green = Supervisory indication; blinks during power on, reset, and during normal operation
  • Amber = Signal maintenance and trouble events
  • Red = Alarm condition (either Smoke or CO)

Honeywell 5800 COMBO offers increased protection, and a one inch voice speaker that provides clear audio alerts paired with powerful alarm tones. This speaker also supports multi language alarm feedback. This feature will let you know what kind of alert is going off so you won’t have to get up and check the device.

The system can be controlled from the wireless keypad which can be located at a central location in your home. Greensite offers fast and easy installation of the Honeywell 5800 COMBO in addition to many other Honeywell home security products.

Greensite provides 24/7/365 Monitoring of your Honeywell System to assure any and all issues are resolved promptly and with urgency if required. Greensite aims to provide the highest standard of security, reliability and customer service!