Do you clean your gutters regularly? Cleaning your gutters will help keep your home and roof safe from damage. At Greensite, we provide Long Island gutter cleaning to both households and businesses. Here are a few signs that it is time to clean your gutters.

Professional Long Island Gutter Cleaning

Puddles and Leakage

If you see water leaking into your basement, it may be the result of clogged gutters. The same goes for large puddles of water near the walls of your home. That is because if your gutter is clogged, water will spill over the sides.

There Is a Waterfall

If there seems to be a waterfall coming from your gutter every time it rains, it is a sure sign that your gutter is clogged. Make sure to clean it out as soon as possible. This will prevent damage to your home.

Peeling Paint

If you notice paint peeling off the side of your home, check your gutters. If your gutters are clogged, water will likely overflow and cascade down the sides of your home. This will damage your paint.

Damaged Gutters

Are your gutters sagging? They are probably filled with water and debris. If you notice your gutters coming apart and screws falling out, you should make sure to clean your gutters right away. If your gutters are rusty, that is another sign that it is time to get them cleaned.

Birds Love It

If birds seem to love your gutter and are starting to build nests there, it is probably because it is nice and cozy with plenty of leaves and dirt. The same goes if you see small animals spending time in your gutters. Green growth in your gutters also signifies an abundance of soil.

If you need your gutters cleaned, contact Greensite today!