Why Are Home Security Systems Important?

Home Security Systems are becoming more and more essential as technology advances and these systems provide increased protection and safety for your home and or business. There are various devices that can be considered part of a home security system security cameras, fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, intrusion and environmental sensors and home automation. These devices can help to protect from burglary, fire, electrical issues, odorless gases and more.

How Do Home Security Systems Work?

Home security systems send out a signal when a specific alarm goes off. If you are monitoring your system with a company like Greensite, they can send the help you need fast. Having a company that provides professionally monitored security systems can be very helpful because they know exactly which alarm went off and what kind of help to send, they also reduce wait time and will be proactive immediately after an alarm notification.

Can home security cameras record sound?

Audio for camera systems in certain states and jurisdictions are restricted. Give Greensite a call and we will help you get the proper camera set up within the laws and restrictions of your area

How far can home security cameras see?

Home security cameras can see various distances depending on the camera brand and model. A more expensive camera will be able to see farther and in higher definition as where a less expensive model may have less of a range.

Can you get home security for an apartment?

Yes absolutely. Greensite’s wireless alarm allows for a clean, neat installation without the need for holes and messy drilling.

Where to place home security cameras?

It is highly suggested to place security cameras around the perimeter of your home especially the front and back door. Strategic placement of cameras is paramount as recent studies show that 81% of burglars enter through the first floor.

Why hire a home security monitoring company?

A home security monitoring company can provide 24/7/365 protection. They will be monitoring your system and keeping your home safe while you can live worry free. A home security monitoring company will save time during an emergency and ensure the safest solutions for your home and or business.

Do I receive an insurance discount if I have a professionally monitored security system for my home and or business?

Yes! Greensite provides every monitored customer with a system certificate to provide to their insurance agent/carrier. This certificate will lower the homeowner’s home insurance rates!