Installing a home security system is something that no homeowner takes lightly. From having the right system to making sure everything is connected and protected properly, it not only matters what you install but who does the installation. Many homeowners who choose to install a whole-home security system do a lot of research beforehand to figure out the right system and the right installers. When you’re ready to start researching “home security installers near me“, you’re probably ready to see your home completely secured with the latest in cutting-edge home security systems.

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The key, of course, is to find the right home security installers near you, not just whoever happens to be available and says they have experience installing home security. That’s why you’re looking for professionals and not asking your handy cousin or neighbor to “just wire that up” for you. To help you in your search, here are the top five criteria you should be looking for in a home security installer to secure your home.

In Your Neighborhood

When you find a business that seems like it might be the right choice, the first thing to check is if they are actually near you. There are two steps to this process. First, find their street address, usually in a header or footer on their website home page, and punch it into Google Maps. If they are within 20 miles of your home, there’s a good chance they really are near you. If not, the search engine made a mistake and you’ll need to look elsewhere.

The second step is to make sure that they serve your neighborhood. Different companies have different service radii. Do a little research on their business page and the information should present itself. If not, and you’re more than 10 miles away, you may need to call and confirm.

Familiar With Your Type of Home

The next step is to look into the experience your home security installers have. The information might be on their web page or you can simply ask during a preliminary consultation if they are familiar with the style and security needs of a home like yours. If you own a condo or a townhome, for instance, your installers may or may not have worked on these home styles in the past. Historical or uniquely built homes may also pose additional challenges and you’ll want your security installation team to know exactly what they’re doing.

All the Features You Need

Now let’s talk the home security system itself. Many installation services work best when you buy a system from them, as they are most familiar with installing these models. They can also give you a complete assessment of each style of security system they sell and how well it will work with your home. Since you likely already have a strong idea of what you need in a home security system, do your research and make sure the company you choose either sells a system you really like or are willing (and able) to install a system you purchase separately.

Within Your Price Range

When it comes to home security, the general industry attitude is that price should never come in the way of security. Of course, your wallet knows that there is still a bottom line and a budget that you cannot reasonably exceed. Be very clear about prices for both the system and installation and get a quote in writing before committing to the installation. This will make sure you don’t suffer “sticker shock” or hidden fees that were not part of the agreement.

Great Online Reputation

Finally, be sure to do a little looking into the local reputation of your home security installers. They are likely to have a listing on Google My Business and perhaps one on Angie’s List as well where previous customers can give their reports on what it was like to work with this company and how happy they were with their security systems afterward. Once you find a service near you with glowing reviews, you know you’ve got the right team.

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