The Tuxedo Touch security and Home Automation System is a market leader in home security and automation head units. With a versatile selection of capabilities and services, Tuxedo touch from Honeywell continues to garner acclaim within the home automation industry. Many refer to it as the ultimate home automation system to date. Among the  Tuxedo Touch features are ease of centralized control, surveillance and monitoring, and comprehansive home security.

Tuxedo Touch Features

Centralized Control

Tuxedo Touch provides three primary control methods to operate the system. The most common is the hands-free home control. Custom in-built voice commands prompt the system to execute a particular action. This convenient feature eliminates the need to remember passcodes and liberates your hands to engage in other activities.

Furthermore, Tuxedo Touch provides remote access to the device and receive updates about the activities in your home or change settings from far away using your smartphone or laptop. Lastly, a built-in web server enables on-premise control of the system using compatible devices.

Surveillance and monitoring

Tuxedo Touch allows you to survey your premises at the comfort of your sofa with the help of cameras around the compound. The cameras connect to a myriad of devices such as touch screens, TVs, and smartphones. The high-resolution cameras also record footage for viewing later. Surveillance services also help you conveniently monitor your children playing outside.

Comprehensive Security

Tuxedo Touch allows users to lock and unlock, arm or disarm their security systems at the touch of a hand. With the use of compatible smart devices, users can remotely manipulate the home security system according to their desire. This feature comes in handy, for instance, when noticing suspicious activity or receiving security alerts from a remote location.

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