Total Connect Security Cameras are a favored option when it comes to home security. Through these devices you can monitor the inside of your home when you’re home or when you’re out and about! The total connect security cameras help to prevent burglary in your home and or business. You can connect the security cameras with your Honeywell security system through the Total Connect App.  Through this app you can stream up to six different cameras at once.

With the total connect security cameras there is no need for bulky hardware or lengthy wire runs. These cameras are Wi-Fi enabled and only require power.  Should there be any interference with the camera to the Wi-Fi, an SD card will keep recording video clips until the internet is reconnected. Once they are installed on the existing network they immediately can begin recording to the cloud. Greensite offers both 7 day and 30 day storage options for your Total Connect Security Camera video footage.

The Total Connect App allows you to stream live from the HD security cameras or watch pre-recorded video clips. The App also allows you to check on your home regardless of your location! You can access your home security system from your computer, smart phone or tablet.

Greensite offers both installation and monitoring of your Total Connect Security Cameras. Using a company to monitor your home security system can really decrease wasted time during an emergency and help to ensure safety for your home and or business. Call Greensite today to schedule a consultation and better protect your home: 1-866-573-2873!