Everyone is looking for ways to save on their energy bills these days and that is why the greensite team offers their customers the opportunity to take advantage of their FREE total connect app 24/7.

Homeowners no longer need to be concerned with wasting electricity.  With the use of automated control systems, there is no need for someone to be in the same room to shut off the lights or turn them back on.  Instead, The Total Connect App allows timers to control the lighting throughout your entire home whether you’re in the house or not.  This function positively impacts your energy bills by cutting down on wasted energy costs which ultimately leads to putting more money in your pocket.

For those of us who work longer hours or evening shifts, we no longer need to be concerned about leaving the house with the lights left on for fear of coming home to a dark house.  The FREE connect app allows for lights to be automatically turned on throughout any rooms at any given time thus alleviating wasted electricity usage, not to mention, the added safety protection of giving the appearance someone is in the home when they are not.

Aside from the day to day savings and peace of mind you receive while going about your daily work routine, you need to consider the amount of accumulated savings you can incur during travel time whether it be in the form of weekend get-aways, work related trips or scheduled vacation time when your home might be vacant for a longer than usual period of time.  This is when you not only reap the benefits of decreased wasted electricity usage, but the added safety bonus you get by discouraging possible break-ins and vandalism associated when homes look vacant.

Taking advantage of automated lighting control systems provides energy savings as well as increases your ability to improve safety and security measures.  For more information on how you can take advantage of increased energy savings, visit our website at gogreensite.com or contact greensite at 866-573-2873.