When most of us think about home cleaning and maintenance, we usually think about sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. You clean the stove not because it makes the food better, but because you do not want to start a grease fire. You vacuum to get the grit out of your carpets, and you take out the trash to remove the lingering smell in your kitchen. But what about dryer duct maintenance? Did you know that dryer duct cleaning improves laundry?

Professional Duct Cleaning Improves Laundry

There are many ways a dryer can go wrong, but by far the most common is that it merely stops drying. Sure it tumbles and even heats up, but the clothes are never actually dry and fluffy when you are done. What is often the cause? If you have already cleared your lint trap, then the obvious culprit is the dryer duct. Are you not sure where that is? That is okay, as dryer duct cleaning professionals, we do. We have ‘seen it all,’ and here are the top reasons we repeatedly see to get your dryer ducts professionally cleaned. Dryer duct cleaning not only ensures your dryer works but also improves the quality of your laundry by assuring clothes dry correctly.

Dries Faster

Your dryer ducts are part of a very important lint and ventilation system for the dryer. Without constantly moving hot air, there would be no way to get the clothes clean. The lint trap works because the hot air blows past the clothes and only a screen that pulls lint out of the cycling air but, of course, the lint trap cannot catch everything. A certain amount of lint always gets down into the outflow duct and can build up enough to clog it.

Just as drying slows down when your lint trap is full, it also slows when your duct is clogged. By clearing your dryer duct, you can return your dryer to levels of capability you may have forgotten about as the duct slowly filled with lint. You will be amazed at drying times once airflow is restored.

Smells Better

What do you think old damp lint smells like? What about old lint that has been too close to a heating element? If you have been noticing a lingering smell of damp or even toasted lint on your clothes, it is not your imagination. With all that damp built-up lint in your dryer duct, the air moving through your clothes is no longer fresh, and you may even be getting some damp, linty blow-back into the chamber.

Once your dryer duct is clean, on the other hand, your machine will at least briefly be completely free of old built-up lint and lingering moisture in the duct. This means that your clothes will be dried with completely fresh warm air, leaving them with a delightfully warm clean smell instead of faint sour.

Softer and Fluffier

Finally, when a dryer’s duct is clogged up, the appliance is simply unable to do what it does best: dry your clothes. One of the marvels of a tumble dryer is just how soft clothes come out when they dry completely while in motion. If you have been laying out slightly damp clothes for weeks because your dryer is acting up, you may have noticed that clothes that dry without a dryer tend to be a little stiff and rough to the touch. With your dryer back in gear, you can go right back to luxuriating in modern soft fluffy clothing fresh out of the dryer every time.

Whether you have had your dryer for six months or six years, the purpose of the duct is the same, and it only takes a few months for it to build up a fresh layer of lint. To learn more about how duct cleaning improves laundry, contact Greensite. Bring back the freshness and softness of your clothes,