Owning a home is an impressive accomplishment, but it also comes with responsibilities. A top priority is to make sure your family and property are safe. With the rise in smart technology, video doorbells have emerged as an essential tool.

Enter our Video Doorbell Surveillance Camera. This powerful doorbell camera empowers you to remotely monitor activity outside your front door. With intelligent event detection that differentiates between people, vehicles, and animals, you will only receive notifications that matter most to you.

Eyes and Ears on Your Front Door

Our doorbell camera is a sleek and intelligent device that lets you see, hear, and speak to anyone at your doorstep from anywhere using your smartphone and the Resideo Total Connect app. Whether you’re at work, on vacation, or just relaxing in your living room, it keeps you connected and informed.

With Two-Way interactive audio, you can greet visitors and have a conversation before opening or remotely unlocking the door. Using the user-friendly Total Connect app, you can communicate with visitors in real-time, giving them the impression that you are home, even when you’re miles away.

A high-resolution 5MP camera provides vibrant, detailed footage, day or night. You can personalize what you want to see by identifying your detection areas and selecting the types of notifications that you want to receive. It also provides a wide dynamic range with three available fields of view (tall, full, and wide) for even greater customization. Now, you won’t miss any important events, whether it’s a neighbor stopping by, a food delivery, or even a potential intruder.

Day or Night 

Our doorbell camera has night vision and color night vision on-event providing you with the information you need to make important decisions. The color night vision setting allows you to select that light in the doorbell area only when motion is detected. Otherwise, an unobtrusive IR night vision is used. This color night vision makes for crystal clear event-based video recording to see the details that matter, such as clothing color, hair color, and face details.

Spotlight Feature

Our doorbell camera is equipped with a siren and LED spotlight that can be used to warn or deter intruders. All you do is tap the deterrence button when viewing live video and that starts the siren and spotlight. You can use it to scare off potential intruders and/or animals.

Video Recording and Storage

Our doorbell camera enables you to record and store footage, giving you the option to review events later or share them with law enforcement if needed.

Extreme Durability

No matter where you live, our doorbell camera can withstand a variety of weather conditions. Constructed from UV-resistant material, its robust design can operate in temperatures from a bone-chilling -40 ° F to a scorching 122° F. It is also dustproof and water-resistant, to help ensure you have clear, high-quality video footage in all conditions.

What Else Can You Do?

While our doorbell video camera serves as a vigilant watchdog for your front door, don’t forget to strengthen other aspects of your home security.

1. Invest in a Monitored Home Security System

A professionally installed and monitored security and life safety system will alert the authorities in the event of a fire, medical, or security emergency.

2. Secure All Entry Points

When you leave the house or are going to bed, make sure your doors and windows are locked.

3. Enhance Your Lighting

A well-lit home is a deterrent to potential intruders. Install motion-activated lights around your property.

4. Maintain Your Landscaping

Keep shrubs, and trees trimmed to eliminate potential hiding spots.

Investing in our video doorbell is a proactive step toward securing your home and ensuring your family’s safety. As part of a professionally installed security and life safety system, this innovative product can help protect your family and property from harm.

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