Do it yourself projects are all the rage when it comes to projects including home security. Homeowners turn to DIY home security because it may seem easy and can save you a few bucks. Unfortunately, most DIY security systems experience frustration due to their security system failing them. Here are some examples:

Incorrect Camera Placement

Installing a home security system can be a confusing process for most homeowners because they aren’t trained security professionals. Video cameras and sensors can be difficult to install, and using them without having a full understanding of the features can lead to false alarms.

Power Loss

How do you cope with a power outage or storm that knocks out your home’s power?  The majority of homes do not have a battery backup for their WiFi or plugged-in appliances. If your home loses power and the internet is not backed up by a battery, you will lose your security and internet protection. Despite having a battery, your DIY alarm system may continue to work during a power outage, however you might lose communication with the monitoring center. A manual reboot may be required to turn your system back on. Therefore, if the power goes out while you are on vacation, your alarm system may not be activated for days.

Potentially Vulnerable to Hacking

Many DIY security systems use WiFi transmitters and do not require two-factor authentication.  As a result, hackers can disarm your DIY security alarm, rendering it useless. It is easy for a burglar to jam your system’s communication frequency by searching the internet.

Even though a do-it-yourself system may seem like a good idea now, it may actually cost more in the long run due to monthly fees and time requirements.

Professional systems are more affordable and reliable than you might think. They can usually be installed in less than a day and you can rest assured that there is a professional security team backing you up.

Our professional home security systems at greensite not only monitors your home security, but to monitor fire and carbon monoxide, as well as provide the added convenience of home automation. In addition, we offer Pro-Assist, where you can set up a greensite monitored system yourself with the assistance of a greensite technician remotely.

We have you covered every step of the way!

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