greensite’s color night-vision camera

Our greensite team has been installing new color night-vision cameras at homes and businesses all across Long Island. These cameras are outstanding for remote surveillance and provide excellent full-color imaging, even at night.

This full-color camera features a wide lens aperture for maximum light gathering in very dark settings. The color night-vision camera by greensite also provides night vision of objects up to 98.43ft away. With the addition of a powerful auxiliary white light, the full scene is illuminated and enhanced as the sun goes down. Day or night, this camera can capture everything that happens on your property.

With the addition of a microphone on another model of the greensite’s color night-vision camera, our customers can hear everything too! The microphone allows our customers to be fully aware of the property, even when they are away.

These new cameras give our customers the peace of mind to relax with the family or get into their work without added stress. All the while, our customers know greensite helps them keep an eye (and ear) on what’s going on!

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