Greensite central monitored alarm systems that are connected to a Greensite central security control station provides your home and family with the best security available. Our trained specialists will respond immediately to any forced entry into your home or a medical emergency. You will be immediately contacted when the alarm sounds and then law enforcement, EMS or the fire department.

Greensite Central Monitored Alarm Systems

If you have one of the many Greensite central monitored alarm systems paired with a Greensite home automation system, you can control the locks on your doors, lights, and appliances remotely through smart home technology features. But you are not always watching your home, so Greensite central monitored alarm systems are watching your home or office exterior through alarms, cameras, sensor lights, and other equipment at all times. You can also monitor your installed alarm system through your cell phone if that feature is available on your system.

Preventing Burglaries

Potential burglars watch a home or business office. They try to break in when no one is home. An empty garage or driveway is an indication that the residence or building is empty. This can be any time of day including afternoons for homes and evenings for an office.

Many people are not home during the day between 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm. Children are still in school and parents are working. A parent may drive away to shop or pick up a child. That leaves an empty house that can be burglarized quickly.

Homes that are set back with fences and shrubs that block the doors are perfect targets. Intruders look for unlocked doors and open windows. They can pick locks or break doors if necessary. They try to be quiet, so they do not alert anyone. They usually head for the master bedroom first in search of valuable jewelry, cash, credit cards, electronics, and small items that can be resold. They quickly search every room for small valuables that can be stuffed into backpacks. They are often looking for anything that can be sold to buy drugs.

No burglar wants to be caught on a camera. A central monitoring system will respond immediately to an alarm or cameras that indicate forced entry. The alarm will scare the burglar more than a barking dog since this shows that the house is monitored. Burglars may also try to enter a business to steal electronics or any cash or securities that may be stored. An alarm system and cameras will scare them into a quick retreat.

Emergencies Handled Quickly

Greensite Central Monitoring Service will also alert people to fire or carbon monoxide alarms when they are not home. The fire department will be immediately notified when necessary. Customers with medical conditions will be able to contact the monitoring system in an emergency with a special connection or by phone. This is important for elderly and disabled people living alone. It is part of the complete security and surveillance system.

Reliable home security and surveillance systems are also necessary for older and disabled people living alone in a condominium or apartment as well as those living in their homes. A thief may feel that it is easier to invade homes or condos that belong to older or disabled people who find it difficult or impossible to defend themselves. Burglars will try to rob apartments and townhouse condos if they believe the occupants have valuables.

Different types of home security systems are available for various size residences. This includes condos and apartments along with business offices in multi-use buildings. Each home or office has individual requirements for monitored security systems. Greensite installs cameras and alarms connected to our central monitoring system for homes, condos, apartments and commercial buildings in Long Island and neighboring areas of New York. Our central monitoring system will protect you and your loved ones with 24/7/365 service. Contact Greensite for more information.