No matter what part of New York, Long Island, and New Jersey you live in, you have probably asked the question, “What are the best home security camera installers near me?” Keeping your home and family safe is a high priority. With the number of home invasions in the bigger cities, security is an issue. With home invasions always a concern, this is an important question to ask. Putting in a security system just for the sake of having security will not give you the protection you need when the time comes. So, how can you be sure you are getting the best home security camera installers near me? Here are five important things to look for in your new security camera installer.

Home Security Camera Installers Near Me


You do not want rookies messing around with something as important as your home security. Security equipment is too valuable to risk a faulty installation. Finding a security camera installer near you that has an abundance of experience is a given. Experience comes with being in the business for many years. If a company has over ten years in the business with positive client reviews, then you can safely trust they have earned the experience credential.


Reading client testimonials gives you an idea what type of installer you are working with. You can see if the qualities that are most important to you are ones that past clients mention (either positively or negatively). Reading positive reviews that say the company provides “exceptional service with the most courteous and professional technicians,” or that “they are an exceptional company,” “a rarity in the security business” will be cues that you are connecting with a trustworthy company.

24/7 Home Monitoring

While a security system is a great addition to secure your home, if it does not have a monitoring component, then it will not be as effective. What is home monitoring? This means your home is not only protected by an alarm system, but that system is being monitored at all times. So, for example, if a break-in does happen, the appropriate authorities are notified so action can be taken. You also have video evidence of any theft as well.

Protection Against System Failure

When dealing with a new security system, you need to ensure there is back up in case of any power failures. With a system that has a fully redundant alarm receiving equipment, you can rest all the time. Inclement weather will not be a worry when working with a center powered by redundant Caterpillar C15 generators. Backup power is a must if you want continual support all the time.

Added Features

No one wants a stripped down system. Modern features bring convenience to the forefront. Some security systems offer the following:

  • Remote access and control
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Notification alerts for more than just home invasions (i.e., the garage door opened)
  • Video capture of home activity
  • Voice-activated controller
  • Wi-Fi ready

Having these additional features make the system functional and easy to use. When searching for your home security camera system find one that offers these added values.

Protecting your home has never been easier. New technology delivers system components that make security a breeze. At Greensite, we are committed to securing our client’s homes using the latest technological solutions. Our 15 years of experience and broad expertise make us leaders in the industry. Check out what our clients have to say about our service and the products we have to offer. From the standard system to a more advanced one, we offer options to fit every need. Contact Greensite and find out more about the best home security camera installers near me.