Home security is a rapidly growing industry. As technology advances so does protecting your home. Throughout the growth of technology, home security systems have evolved into what they are today. Using the latest technology, home security systems can carry out a variety of different tasks in order to keep your home safe. Greensite’s Honeywell Lyric Touch Screen System is one of Honeywell’s newest home security platforms. This system is controlled through a touch screen control pad and is a hybrid of both home security as well as home automation.

This system is loaded with capabilities and has dual arming options! The first option being away mode. This mode can be optimized while the house is empty, it will alarm when a door or window is opened and will also monitor the insides of the home with motion detectors. The second arming option is to protect while people are inside the house. This monitors the exterior side of the entrances and windows. There is another option when it comes to arming, which is customizing your own plan. When doing this you can choose which areas are and are not monitored at what times.

Another great feature of the Lyric Touch Screen System is the built-in camera. The camera snapshots everyone who disarms the alarm. This can also help to catch any person trying to tamper with the alarm. Not only does this system take snapshots, you can link this system to your security cameras and monitor up to 4 cameras simultaneously. The features this product has far surpasses most security systems out there. The Lyric TouchScreen System is a top tier security system and is available to be installed in your home today! Call Greensite to schedule your consultation today!