With Honeywells Temperature Sensor you can conserve energy and spend less on your bills with temperature sensor alerts! The temperature sensor will notify you when the temperature in your home and or business has dropped down to a dangerously low level (Below 45 Degrees). The temperature sensor will also notify you if the temperature rises about 95 degrees in your home and or business. The Honeywell temperature sensor can also sense humidity to optimize your comfort level.

The temperature sensor can be used on its own or combined with a temperature sensor probe or a water/flood probe. This sensor can monitor cold, hot and warm temperatures and is also wireless! This added convenience reduces the amount of running wires and simplifies installation. Having this temperature sensor can help to prevent accidents occurring from a dangerously high or low temperature. The sensor is not only preventative but will also save you money on your energy bills. This sensor will help to regulate your home and businesses temperatures reducing any and all unnecessary heating and cooling. This will also help to reduce human error, if someone forgets to adjust the temperature at any point. The sensor is provided with a Lithium battery that will last many years and provide an alert should the battery get low or need to be replaced. The sensor can also connect to your Honeywell Total Connect App and will send you push notifications to your phone whether your home or out!

When installing a temperature sensor, it is best to leave it to the professionals to avoid error and reduce risk. Honeywell has certified installers that can assist you in adding this feature to your home. Greensite, one of Honeywell’s certified dealers and installation companies can install your Temperature Sensor today! Greensite’s technicians are specially trained through Honeywell to assure your installation runs smoothly. Call Greensite at 866-573-2873 to schedule your consultation!