The Internet of Things is a growing part of everyday life. These days, our computers connect to our phones which in turn connect to our cars. An increasing number of everyday devices are becoming smarter Internet connected. This now includes Long Island security systems.  The increased control of a smart security system offers convenience and peace of mind without sacrificing security.

Long Island Security Systems Surveillance

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As security systems become more sensitive to changes in the environment but are also equipped to recognize homeowners and expected changes, users can feel more secure than ever that security system can notify you and the correct authority in the event of an unauthorized entry or a break-in. Now automated security systems also allow you to double-check while in the home or remotely that your doors have been locked and the windows are closed.

Increased control

Instead of a home security system being a single function device that simply sets off an alarm or can notify you in the event of a breach, home security systems are now more in tune with all components of a house. Many systems work with compatible thermostats, lighting and shades, and music systems within the house. Not only does this provide you with greater convenience overall and an easier ability to make changes in your home environment, but it is also a far more practical way of automating your light to give the appearance of occupation during a business trip or vacation.

If you are looking to increase your home security on Long Island, Greensite, can help you find the right camera, alarm, and security system, automated or not, for your home or commercial building. Please contact Greensite if you have any questions or would like to browse our selection of security systems.